10 advantages of Team Building activities

Located on the EPFL campus, the Starling Hotel Lausanne offers the opportunity to include Team Building activities to your conference days. Team Building means activities organized outside of work in order to reinforce relationships between colleagues and develop their capacities to work together. These activities bring team cohesion and increase motivation. Introduced in North America, this ‘’trend’’ meets a huge success in Europe since the last couple of years.

Let’s see what the advantages of these team work activities are

1 Improve communication
A fluid communication is very important to achieve good team performances. Team activities help to develop better exchanges and forces employees to communicate clearly and efficiently between each other. The fun atmosphere of the activities allows the employees to learn to know each other more deeply and in a lighter environment outside of the office.

2 Reinforce group cohesion
Team Building creates an opportunity to concentrate on team work, as well as ways to improve it. It is a relevant way to make new colleagues feel comfortable inside the enterprise.

3 Boost motivation
Outside work activities are known for re-motivating people, hence motivating them to give better performances at work. A positive and enthusiastic team will be more confident in its performances.

4 Communicate differently
Shared activities outside the office create a different kind of communication: no more hierarchy, the human is placed at the centre of attention. Furthermore, this can also be a way for the enterprise to communicate its values and its vision to its collaborators in a more subtle, yet efficient way.

5 Encourage open-mindedness
The diverse Team Building activities allow the team to enjoy a unique experience by doing something completely different from the daily routine. Team Building activities are a perfect opportunity to learn and see things under different perspectives.

6 Push your limits
Team activities allow to push one’s limits, both physical and psychological, as well as it helps reduce stress within a team.

7 Enhance leadership
Team work activities allow each member of the team to develop its leadership skills, as well as other competencies, all essential within the enterprise. It allows each team member to express himself individually, as well as in a group.

8 Develop one’s creativity
The activities make employees do things that are different from what they do in their daily tasks, hence asking them to use their creativity. They will then learn that creativity is welcomed and useful in the office.

9 Elevate the sense of belonging
By living shared experiences and experiencing different emotions together, your team will appreciate even more their sense of belonging to their enterprise.

10 Stop conflicts
By presenting things in a fun and light way and with games, colleagues will learn to get to know each other outside of the enterprise hierarchic positions. It will develop a better and lighter communication and a better understanding of one another.

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We organise unique and original tailor-made Team Building activities in Lausanne on the EPFL campus in order to create stronger relationships within your team members.

We propose multiple original concepts that can be included during your conference day or as a totally independent service! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we assure a quick response.