Christopher Soahi's interview

Christopher Soahi's interview

Title : Breakfast assistant

Department : Catering

Length of service : Since 2011

Tell us a little bit about yourself

What is your background and what brings you to the Starling Hotel Lausanne?


I do not come from the catering business but I always have been attracted by this sector. As soon as the Starling Hotel Lausanne opened, I started as a diver and then as a trainee chef. I like being on the kitchen side, observing the inventiveness of the cooks. It’s a very creative job.

What is a typical trainee chef day?


I am assigned to breakfast and occasionally to lunch. I take in charge the breakfast from 5.30 am to 11.30 am then I prepare the lunch service. I take care of the setting up, the preparation of the garnishes.

We’re a small team so it’s easier to progress. Our chance at Starling is that we get the freedom to express ourselves. They let me prepare some dishes and do some presentations. When the menus change, the cooks train us to present the plates and photos are displayed in the kitchen to help us.

I am very curious by nature and as I am not from this business, every day is a new discovery.

What makes you a competent trainee chef?


In order to bring the best to the clientele, I try to be proactive, to bring my own ideas on future menus, ingredients that we could add on breakfasts, etc..

Thus, I am a team-worker: working in a small team is motivating and we all get on really well.

What advice would you give to people who want to do the same job?


First of all, you have to love cooking, to be creative. Gathering several new flavors together is for me an art of living.

Then you must have a good resistance to stress: it is necessary to know how to be effective, fast and concentrated in the rush periods.

How do you see your future with the Starling Group?


I am currently studying the possibility of validating my knowledge in order to obtain a CFC to become a full-time cook, I still hope at Starling Hotel Lausanne.

If you had to define Starling Hotel Lausanne in 3 words?


Customer satisfaction: when people say “I ate the best omelette of my life! “, it’s a good compliment!

The beauty of the setting

Friendly: I’ve been here for 8 years, we have many loyal customers that we are happy to meet again.