Dr Gab’s : a local and durable beer

Bières vaudoises artisanales Dr Gab’s
Dr Gab’s

Dr Gab’s : a local and durable beer

Commercialized since 2017 at the Starling Hotel Lausanne, Dr Gab’s artisanal Vaud beers offer a local and surprising touch to visitors and to regular Star’s restaurant guests.

The delegates of the QHSE Committee wanted to discover their manufacturing secrets and visited the brewery in Puidoux on November 20, 2018…

1st secret: Where does this characteristic taste of Dr Gab’s beers come from?….

The beers brewed by Dr Gab’s are not pasteurized or filtered: they keep their natural flavour throughout the manufacturing process, until you consume them.

That’s why when you open a Dr Gab’s bottle, a particular effervescence crackles in your ears and a beautiful, abundant and vaporous foam forms in your glass.

This yeast is unique because it is made within the brewery itself and this secret, unfortunately, we cannot share it with you….

Dr Gabs gout bieres

2nd secret: Where do raw materials come from?…..

The malted cereals (barley and/or wheat) used to make beer are mainly from Vaud (Bavaria) and Geneva (Satigny).

A short and eco-responsible circuit that allows a perfect traceability of raw materials and an economic development of local producers.

These cereals are intimately mixed with 100% water from Lake Bret, where the water comes from the Lausanne network, which has a very good minerality.

This artisanal work allows great flexibility of inspiration and other ingredients, just as carefully chosen, can generate new creations: cinnamon in winter, citrus fruits in summer, the palette of tastes is unlimited and diverse.

3rd secret: Where does Dr. Gab’s name come from?……

The Dr Gab’s microbrewery has been in existence for 18 years: it was created by 3 friends, one of whom, Gabriel (the future Beer Doctor), had received a brewing kit as a gift.

The apprentice brewers launched their first beer in 2001, the result of their research and experimentation.

In order to strengthen this medicinal image, the format of the bottles has been adapted: made from recycled glass, they are similar to a potion bottle, which comes straight from the shelves of a renowned apothecary….Dr Gab’s perhaps?

Visite usine Dr Gab’s bière

By the way, Doctor, do you have any last secrets to tell us?

The new Puidoux brewery, which has been in operation since June 2018, has been designed to ensure a virtuous cycle and minimise its environmental impact:

it uses the cooling water from the Romande Energie plant to heat its premises and completes its heating system with solar photovoltaic rings installed on the brewery’s roof.
100% of the waste from the mixing of cereals, spent grains, is recycled into compost and bio-gas.

During your lunch at Star’s or on the menu of the bar, you will find the references of Dr Gab’s:

  • The nugget: golden lager of high fermentation. Light in alcohol, it has a soft and balanced body. A generous hopping brings a pleasant bitterness as well as a herbaceous and fruity scent. Ideal as an aperitif or to cool down in the evening, the Pépite is really a “everyday” beer, or almost!
  • The storm: round blond beer and soft in the mouth, its power nevertheless suggests a strong beer, measuring at 8%.
  • The camel: Amber beer, 7%. The Camel is brewed with a subtle blend of three different malts, which gives it great complexity on the palate and a caramel colour. Its fruity aromas come from characteristic yeasts that make this beer as unique as it is incomparable. To be enjoyed as an aperitif or with a spicy dish.
  • The Ipanema: India Pale Ale at 6% which reveals a powerful bitterness under a copper hue. If its hops have bewitching aromas, it is its malted body that makes it possible to obtain a balanced beer with a pleasant roundness. Its fruity aroma comes from North American hops and its bitterness is ideally combined with spicy dishes.

Dr Gab’s une bière locale et durable