Environmental day for the Starling Hotel Lausanne employees

Sensitization sessions on QHSE aspects (Quality / Health / Safety / Environment) took place on Friday 16 November 2018 with all employees at the Starling Hotel Lausanne.

Coordinated by the delegates of the QHSE Committee and the General Manager, these sessions are an opportunity to highlight all the projects carried out throughout the year within the establishment and to present the first concrete results:

Développement Durable Starling Lausanne


Leading the management team, Quality is one of the pillars of Starling Hotel Lausanne’s policy. Each employee is committed to welcoming guests from diverse horizons in a warm and dynamic way and to sharing a personalized experience with them.
The smiles and thanks of customers are the best indicators of their satisfaction, confirmed by the excellent rate recorded both internally and externally, on the various dedicated sites.
The management wanted to highlight these performances and sincerely congratulate the employees.
New internal satisfaction measurement tools were implemented this year, making it possible to refine the analysis of comments and improve the quality of services.


The Starling Hotel Lausanne management does not tolerate any approximation on the respect of the hygiene rules in place.
Supported by specialized service providers and in close collaboration with the cantonal authorities, the committee’s delegates worked hard this year:

to consolidate the approach to prevent legionellosis in the accommodation centre
to implement the latest directives concerning food allergens and traceability of fishing sources and methods, in the restaurant sector

Health and safety

One of the roles of the QHSE Committee is to ensure that employees have a healthy and safe working environment and to raise their awareness of simple but effective preventive measures to avoid accidents.
This year’s focus is the handling and use of chemicals and the adoption of good reflexes in the presence of sharp objects.


Environmental protection is historically one of the Committee’s major concerns. Each employee is committed to minimizing their environmental footprint and being a driving force for improvement.
This year’s actions focus on energy consumption and food waste.

As a reminder, in 2017 Starling Hotel Lausanne carried out major renovations to its conference centre, generating a 2.20% reduction in overall electricity consumption compared to the 2016 level.
The work in 2018 focuses on replacing the lighting in the restaurant, reception and car park, allowing a projection of energy savings of about 80,000 kWh/year.

Concerning food waste, the success equation for this objective is subtle and delicate: promoting a gourmet and generous culinary image while controlling the quantities consumed in all circumstances.
This work is performed with precision by all the service and kitchen teams.
Identifying eating habits, adapting contents and containers to customers’ tastes and expectations, elegantly promoting rational consumption, these are the main lines of action.
This long-term work, which has also been ongoing since 2016, has resulted in a significant reduction in the rate of food waste per customer from year to year:

8.3% between 2016 and 2017
20.7% between June 30, 2018, and 2016

To close these sessions in a beautiful way and to thank all employees for their active involvement throughout the year, an elaborate lunch with local and seasonal products was offered.