Patrice's interview

Employé cuisine Stars restaurant

Title : Kitchen assistant

Departement : Kitchen @Star*s Restaurant

Years working at Starling Hotel Lausanne : 1 year and a half

Specificity : Member of the Environmental Committee

What could you say about your job?

Although the schedules are sometimes difficult, it is an active job!

You have to be careful but also fast. I appreciate the multi-skilling of my job.

For a person like me who does not like being static all day, it’s perfect. I also enjoy working with the team of young chefs at the Starling Hotel Lausanne.

We never get bored!

What is your vision of Starling Hotel Lausanne?

It is a modern and structured hotel that offers many choices.

The Starling Hotel Lausanne is constantly developing itself, especially in terms of quality, which requires a lot of rigor.

We do our very best to satisfy our guests.

What is the secret to satisfy a client?

The secret is to understand the customer.

You have to know how to anticipate the needs of your clients and keep a good mood. Moreover, I am in the environmental committee of the Starling Hotel Lausanne.

I think it is important for the customer to know that we pay a particular attention to the environment.