Interview with Chef Tanguy Papin

The Star*s is pleased to welcome a new Chef, Mr. Tanguy Papin

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Chef Tanguy Papin Le Star*s Restaurant

Where does your passion for cooking come from and your motivation to make a career out of it?

I grew up in Normandy with my farming grandparents, I fell into the “pot” as a child. Sharing their knowledge of the land and fresh products gave me the desire to eat well and cook well.

What is your background?

I started my apprenticeship as a cook at the age of 14, then continued my training in the Hospitality School. From there, I started cooking in London, on the French Riviera and finally arrived in Switzerland in 2005.

What motivated you to join Starling Hotel Lausanne?

I love the hotel world. It’s possible to offer a more complete service than in a restaurant. Starling Hotel Lausanne offers a contemporary working environment! As an art lover, this is an establishment that suits me. Finally, the challenge of working with an international clientele definitely convinced me.

Define in a few words "your" cooking?

A simple, seasonal cuisine, with taste. It combines modern and traditional cuisine. To sum up, a grandmother’s cuisine revisited to the tastes of the day.

Have you planned new recipes for this season?

I want to incorporate seasonal products on the menu and integrate regional products as much as possible.

Where does your inspiration come from?

By taking a product and analysing what can be done with it. Think about the best way to present it and which products to combine it with. Otherwise, my curiosity, the cookbooks, my trips and the desire to always try new recipes.

I follow them, but trends pass, you have to constantly reinvent yourself… We try to apply them but always keeping a traditional basis. Our job is to adapt to the customer as well. It is up to us to combine their desires with our culinary offer.

Which products do you like to work with?

I enjoy working with seasonal vegetables. I also have a certain pleasure in working with fish.

How do you approach new diets?

As the customer is at the centre of our attention, it is our duty to offer a varied menu that is suitable for all those who come to eat at our table.

A word to finish?

I am happy with this new challenge. It is a beautiful hotel with a pleasant setting. I have a great team with me, together we develop flavours to stimulate the interest and taste buds of our customers.