Portrait of three women

A small pink silk ribbon, hung on the jackets of our employees during the month of October, is the symbol of the homage we give to women with breast cancer. It is an opportunity to highlight three women, three personalities and three professions at the Starling Hotel Lausanne.


Octobre rose avec Céline


In charge of breakfast at the Star*s restaurant, Céline welcomes you warmly every morning for a sweet wake-up call! With more than 20 years of experience in the hotel business and a background in the hotel industry, she has a passion for the restaurant business.

If you were a dessert, I would be a Charlotte au Chocolat.

If you were a country, I would be Cape Verde.

If you were a landscape, I would be the sea

If you were a book, I would be Millennium.

If you were a film, I would be “and in the middle flows a river”…


Octobre rose avec Nikita


Deputy head of the Star*s, Nikita joined the team in 2019. She supervises the entire kitchen brigade and assists the Chef in the day-to-day operations of the restaurant. She confides that she particularly enjoys cooking meat in all its forms, a delight for our customers!

If you were a delicacy, I would be a soft caramel

If you were a scent, I would be the wood fire

If you were a planet, I would be Neptune…

If you were a fictional character, I would be Harry Potter.

If you were a word, I would be electric


Octobre rose avec Cindy


Cindy, who has been in charge of administration for 4 years, started at Starling Hotel Lausanne as Catering Manager. Creative, she handles numbers, very present in her daily tasks, as well as the camera. She has, in particular, shot several of the pictures on our website!

If you were a dish, I would be a gratin Dauphinois

If you were a drink, I would be a mojito.

If you were a city, I would be Los Angeles.

If you were a room in the house, I would be the kitchen.

If you were a celebrity, I would be Nicole Kidman.