A second life for our pillows & duvets

Action Croix Rouge Starling Lausanne

A second life for our pillows & duvets

In view of the values that Starling Hotel Lausanne supports and the actions undertaken within the Quality Hygiene Health  Environment committee, we decided, during the periodic renewal of our infrastructures, to donate a batch of pillows and duvets to a local charity association. We had great pleasure in collaborating with La Croix Rouge Vaudoise.

On January 18, Manisha and Carlos, employees from the Housekeeping department brought 108 duvet covers, 108 large pillows and 108 small pillows to Fil Rouge, the shop of La Croix Rouge in Aigle. This point of sale provides the most disadvantaged with cheap second-hand products.

We are therefore very happy to offer a second life to our products and allow people in need to enjoy the comfort of our bedding at a lower cost.

Action Croix Rouge don Starling Lausanne