Romain Robert's Interview

Title : Maintenance technician

Department : Technic

Length of service : From 2011

Tell us a little bit about yourself

What is your background and what brings you to the Starling Hotel Lausanne?

I am an Alsatian. I worked 18 years in Basel in German Switzerland where I created my painting company as a painter. I painted, at the time, the 300 rooms of Starling Geneva, formerly Crowne Plaza.
Then I closed my business and went to a general construction company that built Canadian homes. Afterwards, I worked in a Lausanne company that had a mandate with the Starling group. A technician and painter position was available at Starling and here I am!

What is a typical technician's day?

Every day, our service has a to-do list of interventions to perform.
We try to prioritize the problems of our clients in rooms and conferences. The interventions are very varied and require a lot of versatility: plumbing, tiling, electricity, carpentry, sometimes a little gardening if necessary…
Then, of course, we take care of the maintenance and painting of the rooms.

What makes you a competent person?

Working for my own company has helped me to be versatile, resourceful and a handyman.
I also like the contact with the guests, help them and to be of service to them. I think this brings me a lot in my daily work.

What advice could you give to people who want to do your job?

Love your job, be a handyman and creative. I like painting and it is my original profession.
Although the colours of the rooms are chosen by the decorators and the management, I like to contribute to this artistic project. I’ve always loved drawing, I’m very creative.

How do you see your future with the Starling Group?

I worked a lot in the construction industry, so if all goes well, I plan to stay here and ideally continue on the same job at the Starling Hotel Lausanne.

If you had to define Starling Hotel Lausanne in 3 words?

Family: Starling Hotel Lausanne is a hotel on a human scale, a proximity is naturally created with the customers
Welcoming: the decor and the staff
Serious: the staff are competent