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Summit Foundation partenariat Starling

Summit Foundation

The Starling Hotel Lausanne is glad to collaborate with the « Summit Foundation », an environmental foundation based in Switzerland.

“I was lucky enough to eat in your restaurant with this incredible view from the terrace. All of a sudden, the common point makes sense between your activity at the Starling Hotel Lausanne and ours at Summit Foundation.”Olivier Kressman, environmental advisor

This swiss foundation was founded in 2001 in Vevey by Laurent Thurnheer. With the help of his two collaborators, Olivier and Florine, their mission today is to reduce the environmental impact of human activities.

This NGO mainly focuses on ski resorts in winter and music festivals in summer (Paleo, Montreux Jazz Festival). Summit Foundation focuses on the natural environment because it is easier today to educate people by sending them environmental messages during a moment of relaxation such as skiing or during a festival between two concerts.

They work in very busy places. In Switzerland they could estimate more than 20 mio days of ski which represents tons of waste every winter.

They focus on 3 areas of activity

The awareness
Développement Durable Summit Foundation

Awareness through communication. Their main project is the comic bubbles. This campaign is present in more than 70 ski areas in Switzerland, France and Lichtenstein.
In order to raise awareness, a smartphone application has been developed for ski instructors so that they can communicate about the concept during ski lessons.

The solutions

Développement Durable actions

There are many solutions to limit the damage: the pocket trash bin, sorting terminals or wall ashtray. The goal is to change the behaviour of people with fun solutions.

The events

Développement Durable

We organize events in the tourism industry.

Summit Foundation partenariat Starling

The Starling Hotel Lausanne has an Environmental Committee that supports and encourages employees’ environmental actions on a daily basis. Summit Foundation will complete our committee. This is a first for the foundation to collaborate with the hotel sector! It will enhance the work of our many employees concerned about the environment within the hotel.

Logo Summit Foundation

The foundation will opt for an active communication through our website and our social networks.

In addition, it will put very concrete solutions within the hotel to preserve the environment. For example, the set-up of sorting terminals to improve the quality of sorting in different waste fractions.

The NGO has already set up a wall ashtray at the Starling Hotel Lausanne to reduce the littering of cigarette butts.