Starling Hotel in the heart of western Lausanne

The Starling Hotel Lausanne is a privileged location in the west of Lausanne, both accessible and close to everything.

EPFL campus, lake and mountains: a winning combo

Esplanade Starling Hotel lausanne

EPFL campus, lake and mountains: a winning combo

Quite a symbol: the Starling Hotel Lausanne was born on the EPFL campus, a high place of study synonymous with excellence. EPFL is one of the most dynamic and cosmopolitan science and technology institutions in Europe and the campus is part of a dynamism driven by the booming west of Lausanne, a real economic hub.

The Rolex Learning Center and the SwissTech Convention Center are also “monuments” that are part of the Vaudois and Swiss heritage.

The hotel esplanade is the pedestrian extension of the campus. From the esplanade, a unique and panoramic view is offered to visitors, overlooking the lake and facing the emblematic peaks of the French and Valais Alps.

Saint Sulpice, a small town with charming airs with its historic center, adjoining the Lake Geneva coast, is a place to discover with its jetty and its small walks in the heart of quiet alleys.

Pushing a little further, 10 minutes by car, Morges looms large, a true historic place, with its castle, its medieval town center and its beautifully flowered parks, honoring, during the spring, the tulip festival.

Accessibility, transport, soft mobility

Saint Sulpice

Accessibility, transport, soft mobility

The Starling is accessibility, mobility, and customer service at their best!

When looking for a hotel, location and access undeniably play an important and even decisive part in the final choice.

The Starling Hotel Lausanne is located 10 minutes from the center of Lausanne, 40 minutes from Geneva airport, 3 minutes from the motorway and 5 minutes from the metro and bus stops, it is widely acclaimed for its easy access .

The hotel’s shuttle service and secure underground car park add significant comfort. Soft mobility is a theme dear to the Starling hotel, labeled Swisstainable and advocating more sustainable tourism. Also a Publibike terminal has appeared in front of the hotel’s front door on the esplanade, and our customers benefit from up to 50% off.

Upon arrival, they will also receive a free Lausanne public transport card (bus, tram, metro) for each occupant. This will allow free movement in Lausanne for the duration of the stay.