Sédiji's interview

Rencontre housekeeping employé Starling

Title :  Hotel Porter

Department : Housekeeping

Years working at Starling Hotel Lausanne : 1 year

Could you describe your job?

Teamwork is the most important thing in Housekeeping.

In addition, we are solicited by the other services of the hotel, reason why our activity is very important. I would also say that the atmosphere is good between colleagues.

What do you like in Starling?

The Starling Hotel Lausanne has a very good location.

The hotel is next to the EPFL and attracts a lot of people every day. This hotel is very pleasant, you never get bored.

Our goal is to satisfy the customer that’s why we’re doing our best to improve our daily work.

Furthermore, Housekeeping is concerned about sustainable development which is a good thing. We sort everything because we pay attention to ecology.

Which adjective can describe the Starling Hotel Lausanne?

I think the good atmosphere in the hotel and the tranquility of the place. We feel really good at Starling.