Auguste's interview

Interview Auguste Restaurant Stars terrasse

Title : Waiter

Departement : Stars*s Restaurant

Years working at Starling Hotel Lausanne : 1 year and a half

In your opinion, what makes a great waiter?

It’s important to satisfy the client.
We also have to know all the products that we propose, for example all the ingredients and the preparation methods of the dishes.

Actually, when we anticipate the customer’s needs, we make the customer happy and satisfied.

What makes you the happiest in your job?

It really touches me in my job when the client shows me his gratitude.
It sometimes happens that he calls me by my first name or that he looks for me in the hotel at his departure to say thank you and goodbye.

Actually, it’s very familiar but that makes me glad.
This kind of attention makes every waiter happy. The client trusts us and gives us gratitude.

We have a very high satisfaction rate at the Starling Hotel Lausanne, which encourages us in our work.

What are the 3 qualities of Starling Hotel Lausanne?

The view of the lake and the Alps is truly splendid.
Furthermore, the hotel being out of the city center, you can really relax.

Finally, there are all types of clients (students, businessmen, CEOs of multinationals, etc.).

There is a real diversity of customers and each person has a different story to tell.