Jean-Claude’s Interview

Interview employé navettes conducteur

Title : Transfer Officer

Departement : Concierge service

Years working at Starling Hotel Lausanne : 7 years

What makes a good Transfer Officer?

My first goal is to respond to customer requests.
I fully enjoy the contact with them when I am at the check-in counter or in the shuttle bus.  Some people don’t know about this service so when I tell them that we have free transfer on our website and when I propose for a ride, the clients are very grateful and glad.

We also offer the shuttle to companies around us. The requests are different so we have to meet their needs: itineraries, flexible schedules, etc.

The location of the hotel and its ease of access are a real advantage.

In your opinion, what makes Starling Hotel Lausanne unique?

The hotel has a good relationship with the different companies. They regularly come back to the Starling Hotel Lausanne.

I think that unlike other hotels, our quality of service is higher.

Furthermore, we are a big family who enjoys working together.
It is a real strength for the hotel.

What are the 3 characteristics you enjoy the most in your job?

I am a very multi-skilled person, I very often help my colleagues in the different departments. It is for this reason also that I like to move with the shuttle.

I like to be in contact with customers and colleagues.
The hotel is small so it’s easy to communicate with everyone. Moreover, I speak 4 languages so it’s not a barrier for me to communicate with customers. I am happy when I can answer them in their mother tongue.

Finally, I like to accommodate customers.
Once, a client was about to miss her plane and I brought her to the Geneva Airport. This kind of service is always a pleasure for me and for the guest who is more willing to come back to Starling Hotel Lausanne.